27 April 2016
DNS & Nameservers
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Pointing Your Nameservers in GoDaddy

These steps reference a third-party service which our support team cannot access. If you have trouble with any portion of these instructions, please contact GoDaddy.

Note that updating your domain’s nameservers will point all traffic associated with your domain, including email traffic, to your our servers.

1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.

2. Click Launch to the right of DOMAINS.

There are currently multiple versions of the GoDaddy interface in production. If your GoDaddy dashboard does not match the steps and/or screenshots listed in this article, try following their documentation (listed below) to edit your domain’s nameservers, then refer to step 6 of this article for a list of the host.et┬ánameservers.

The Launch button

3. Check the box to the left of the domain you wish to use for your Bigcommerce store.

4. Hover over Nameservers in the main menu, then select Set Nameservers.

The Set Nameservers link

5. Select Custom, then click the Enter custom nameservers link.

The Custom Nameservers link.

6. Enter the following in the Nameserver fields. Click Add Nameserver if you need more fields.


7. Click OK, then Save.

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